Feb. 2019 Seminars

From now on, seminars are sold at the show entrance only.

A complete offer of two seminars, for a unique decoding of the spring-summer 20 season.

Including essential overviews and convictions, fashion briefs and favourites, the seminars are a vital and essential complement to the show and the information in the forums.  Developed by the Première Vision fashion team, and designed to make your visit even more inspiring and effective:
- Privileged welcome
- Preferential rate for the Colour Ranges (not cumulative with other discounts) purchased at sales points during the show.
- In French, simultaneous translation in English.
Following the presentation, a summary of its contents is emailed to all participants.
Price: 45€, incl. taxes
Limited seating, reserve your seat now!
Please note: you must be a holder of a Première Vision Paris badge to access the seminar.
The season's influences, the major transversal currents illustrated with exclusive illustrated content, featuring key silhouettes and synergies between fabrics, designs, leathers and accessories, all fully decoded in 45 minutes by the Première Vision fashion team.
An essential seminar to make your visit even more constructive and creative. Discover colour in all its generosity, with key harmonies by market and the essential fabrics of the Spring Summer 20 season.

45€ incl.VAT