When visiting our web sites, cookies are created on your computer, mobile or tablet. Our sites are designed to pay a close attention to our customers needs and expectations. That's why we use cookies, in order to authenticate and grant you an access to your account or manage your shopping cart for example. This page explains how cookies work and how to manage them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file created on your terminal when you visit a web site or an advertising. Its purpose is to collect info about the way you use the site, in order to customize your experience on line. The cookies are managed by your internet browser.

Different editors

Première Vision cookies

Those cookies are created by Première Vision to guarantee the best experience on our sites, including optimization and services customization.

Third-parties cookies

These cookies are created by third-party companies (including advertising services) to identify your interests through your browsing and your purchases, and customize an advertising offer about our products and services, within our sites or thanks to other sites. They are generated when you visit our web pages or when you click ads in our sites. We don't manage any of those cookies, as advertising companies are publishing them for their own purposes.

Different types of cookies

Different types of cookies are in use on our sites, and they have different purposes. Some of them are mandatory to benefit from our on line services.

Mandatory cookies

Our web sites need some cookies to work. They allow you to benefit from the main sites functions (for example: authentication, shopping cart). Without those cookies, you won't be able to browse our site normally. Those cookies are created by Première Vision and their only purpose is to make the sites work.

Analytics cookies

They allow us to learn how you are using the sites, their performance, in order to improve our on line services (for example: which pages are most seen, which keywords are searched). Google is the main editor of those cookies.

Functions cookies

They allow us to customize your experience on our sites (for example, remembering your shopping cart before you continue your shopping). Those are created by Première Vision.

Advertising cookies

Their purpose is to display ads or offers linked to your interests within our sites or outside our sites when you browse internet. They can also limit the number of ads you are exposed to, or measure the efficiency of an advertising campaign. Removing those cookies has no impact on your experience, but if do so, advertising won't stop on our sites or internet: it will only affect the way ads are displayed, as it won't be customized anymore. Those are mainly third-party cookies, depending from the advertising companies. We can't get a comprehensive list of those cookies.

Advertising retargeting

Please note we may use advanced retargeting methods (ads display while you browse our sites and internet, or e-mail contact following our web sites browsing). Our advertising providers are using cookies to enable those methods, and display customized advertising linked to your recent behaviour on our sites. You can choose to refuse those cookies at any moment, through your browser preferences, or through advertising platforms preference management tools, or unsubscribe with the unsubscription links displayed in the promotional e-mails you receive.

Social networks buttons and cookies

Those cookies allow you to share pages and content through third-party social networks, but they also allow to target advertising on social networks. Our sites include programs to display social buttons. They ease pages and content sharing on social networks: you can "like" and "share" with your friends the information displayed on our sites. These plugins need cookies to make the social buttons work, to follow your browsing wether you are already connected to your social networks or not. The cookies created by these plugins also allow to improve advertising targeting on social networks. For more information about your privacy and the social networks, please read the Privacy Policy of each social networks you are using.

Cookies and computer identifier: securing transactions

Please note that during your orders, Première Vision or its providers operating in its name, may create cookies or collect information concerning your terminal, including technical attributes, mandatory to authenticate your equipment (computer, mobile or tablet) and secure transactions (to avoid fraud risks). Cookies or terminal identifiers are needed to do so. You are informed we collect this information as you browse our sites: a banner is displayed at the top or bottom of our pages as soon as you arrive on our sites. By continuing your purchases on our sites without setting your cookies preferences in your browser, you accept we collect information and create cookies.

Accept or refuse cookies

In your internet browser settings

You can de-activate cookies at any moment. You can set up your internet browser to alert you when a site is creating a cookie on your terminal, and let you accept or refuse. You can accept or refuse one cookie at a time, or refuse them all automatically. Please note those settings can modify the way you access our on line services that need cookies. If your browser is set up to refuse all cookies, you cannot purchase or benefit from essential functions of our sites, like adding products to your shopping cart. In order to manage cookies at your convenience, we invite you to set up your browser considering the cookies usage as mentioned above. Each browser is different, please refer to your browser help section to learn how to modify your cookies policy.
To refuse cookies, please follow those step-by-step instructions:


You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer

• In Internet Explorer, click "Tools", then "Internet Options"
• Under the tab "General", click "Settings"
• Click "Display Files"
• Click the "Name" column to sort files in alphabetical order, then browse the list until you find files beginning by "Cookie" (each cookie begins this way and contains usually the web site name which created it)
• select the cookies including "Première Vision" and remove them
• close the window that displays the files, then click twice on OK to go back in Internet Explorer.

You are using Mozilla Firefox

• In the browser go into the "Tools" tab then select "Options"
• In the Options window, choose "privacy settings" then click "show cookies"
• find files containing "Première Vision"
• select and remove them

You are using Apple Safari

• In your browser, choose "Edition" then "Preferences"
• click "Security"
• click "show cookies"
• select cookies containing "Première Vision" and click "remove" or "remove all"
• click "OK"

You are using Google Chrome

• click the "Tools" icon
• Select "Options"
• click the "Advanced Options" tab, and access "privacy" section
• click "show cookies" button
• find the files containing "Première Vision"
• Select and remove them
• click "Close" to go back to your browser

For more information about cookies

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